Friday, January 15, 2010

Our research and development office:

Yumi hard at work again, the phoenix rider is coming along! (see previous R+D photo)

One big money ingot being carved for the lottery float. Wish it were real, 'cause I'd take it home!

Oh the pain. Making a float just for Thunder Valley. Real float guys know it is all about the hardware and this float is getting new sides and a deck.The old engine died years ago so it was removed and will see Dr David (our master float builder) this summer for a transplant.

Another happy dumpster diver, "I'll take a little foam"

So what do we do with the cool old stuff from past parades ? Sadie put an add on Craigslist and all kinds of crazy people come by to get stuff. This sweet mom is building a school play set right in our very own dumpster ! No hugs please! (We'd love to know who took the eight foot tall banana lady.)

Dave-the-float-master's brainstorm for a large Chinese fan. This was hard to conceive, so Sadie whipped up a scale paper model. Please ignore the European dragon on the model instead of a Chinese style dragon (oops!).

The Magic Fan model opens up to change colors and have some hot glamor girls inside. This is why Dave is a master float builder.

Raw set up on Lucky's float, This lets our sponsor see if thier folks like the view point. Wish that guy had not eaten so much!

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