Wednesday, January 20, 2010

36 days

Dave noticed today that the phoenix rider was a little heavy. Master carver Yumi just sliced 6 inches off the back! Problem solved.

The money jar gets its sides!

Master float-builder Dave thinks,

and measures.

Lucky's float is looking top-notch after some nifty installations by Jamie.

Lucky's brilliant colors are going to be a sure hit. There is just something magical when you mix red velvet with gold glitter.

(Jamie loves her job)

After blocking out the Queen float, we've decided it needed to start from scratch. Robert and Miguel do some heavy lifting to clear off the float bed.

Here's what a float looks like before the magic happens:

That white tiger got some color today. We are almost out of gold glitter, but I'm sure Alli, Sadie and Elizabeth have a few pounds of it in their hair.

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