Sunday, January 31, 2010

25 days

It's Sunday but us hard core builders know that we need to push ahead. With a smaller group we are going to continue a few projects. We will stop around five or so to get our first break of the week.

Alli lays out a pattern on the Macau float

A dragon head detail on Bank of the West money pot.

Carved urn handles almost ready for installation on the money pot.

Amala carves urn handles the one stroke at a time. Some true shop lore is that the shop master Dave trained his body to carve with both hands at the same time. One hand would do detail while the other would remove massive amounts of waste!

Yumi hard at work shaping McDonald's float tiger toy. Ah, I need two of those Yumi.

An hour's worth of waste foam. seems like all we do is fill the dumpster with foam chunks.

Alli laying out cherry blossom patterns on PVC plastic for the Macy's float.

On Lok gets it's backdrop in place. Now we just need a bus,two doctor rooms and a community center.

Yumi making a big mistake go away. We made this way too big for the float the first time. Now it is on a hot wire diet to become a shadow of its former self.

How many community volunteers does it take to cut a 4x4? This a local school group building their float. We love our community groups and this one in particular has been tormenting us for years! A true friend, Herman, finally retired from this group and we sure miss him and his creativity!

Once again new face but old friend of the shop is Paul, the "can do" guy. Paul and David meet in the coffee shop to solve various world and parade problems almost every day. Paul is checking out the blog saying, "that's cool" but thinking, "He can make it better..."

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