Tuesday, January 19, 2010

38 days

A little side project Dave whipped up for a Lion dance team
in Texas. Those crazy guys walk this thing over a seesaw!
Actually they got the trick from Dave who had a popular
lion dance team that mastered the difficult ball-walk-over-a-
seesaw during the 1980's and taught the show to other teams.

This lion dance team got hold of one of Dave's original circus
balls but it broke when it dropped off a truck. While they had
fruitlessly tried to find a replacement ball all over the US,
Dave remembered he still had that 20 year old mold in the

This is the bottom of a huge money pot. Tomorrow we
hope the pot will be roughed out by building the sides.
Dave has some wild ideas for the legs!

Here is the start of a design for Lucky's backdrop.
Dave and Alli want a rich background with the "Luck"
character. All these designs will be cut with a jigsaw
(then we count our fingers)!

Alli been busy cutting designs for Lucky. We are
pretty excited about where this idea could go...

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