Wednesday, January 27, 2010

29 days

Well, that's it, we have less then 30 days now and there is pressure in the barn!
There are a lot of pictures today because we had a lot to do and we are a bit behind where we like to be on the 29 day mark. The crew is seasoning in and we expect some real gains over the next few days and we might even get some warmer temperatures!

Battleship David (any one who drives a full size van in San Francisco knows what that means) is loaded to the gills with fresh plunder from the hardware store. Dave had to hit the brakes a little hard on the way back and the load slid forward crushing one of the seats like a paper cup. That's a $1000 dollars worth of supplies for just the morning jobs

Here is Dave, one of the first customers in the store at 6:45am, dragging 45 pounds of plywood off the high rack. Only 6 more to go Dave.

Remember the ball project ? It is now a bright red and gonna be ship out to our Texas buckaroos for a lion dance team.

Alli listening to Dave's endless checklists of the daily tasks that need to keep us on track.

Amala carving a dragon head for the Bank of the West money pot. I bet she will be dragoning afterward.

Cartoon for a dragon head carving

Rob got his girl ready for the event. Almost done, just needs a good steel wool sand and then a few trim colors.

Yumi is almost finished with her bird.

Yumi doing her best to not get behind in her work.

The tiger has a thorn in it's paw. Actually we drilled big holes to run pipe into the body to keep our tiger in it's place during the parade.

Alli says a final good bye to a glorious float. Late at night you can hear the show and dance routines these queens had on them.

Remember this photo, In a few weeks everything will have grown up.

The whole crew had to lift this wild ivory carving on to the deck of the Macau float. We made this 3000 piece monster last year but the parade director wanted it for an encore. There are over 30 carved figures among the clouds and temples of this float. You will never see them all but we know they are there!

Cleaning up the Ivory traesure for its float.

Dave saw this ingot prototype for a master mold he made and decided to make it a money throne. Do you see it yet?

Hard at work cutting urn handles for the money pot.

The money urn's first handle

You want what?

Robert smiling after a job well done!

Jamie glittered all day today, and the Lottery guy is looking like a million bucks!

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