Thursday, January 21, 2010

35 days

We know why our paint never dries, it is darn cold in the barn! We have only 6 inches of concrete between us and the Pacific Ocean. You can just feel the waves! (And then there was the time a dead whale got stuck under the pier . Is that seafood for lunch?)

Guess who got their Sunday suit today! Bank of the West's tiger is now waiting for his ramp to be built before becoming the king of the parade!

This is Rob, very pleased with himself after catching the shop master about to make a layout error. Rob, as you can see, savors the little moments in life with great relish.

This is Sadie doing a terrific job power-sanding the lottery's Lord of Wealth.

This is why no one wants us in their home after a hard day of carving. Poor Drake whittled up the trims on Bank of the West's money pot and paid the price of the ever tenuous little foam specks. Notice in the back ground we have covered finished art so that "The Foam Storm" won't get them too!

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