Saturday, January 30, 2010

27 days

Get your sunglasses. Macy just got about 15 pounds of glittered fretwork for trim along the side of their float.

The lottery money man is getting a little color because we had sunshine today.

a trim has been added to ease the edge of the Lottery ingot. Hope you win the big one!

The beginning of Southwest airlines bag of riches. We really plan to fill this up with golden treasures!

Just a detail of Bank of the West's money pot:

More details but this time on the Money Pot urn handles.
Can you see an ancient Chinese dragon head motif ?

A colossal mistake ! We have been whacking at this huge foam gourd for Bank of America's longevity float for the last two days but after checking it out decided it was waaaaay to huge. Tomorrow we will whack off enough foam to float a battleship and reduce this future long life symbol to a third of it's size. Redo anyone?

This is a future Lucky tiger for the McDonald's play land float. The foam looks a little old because a Marina contacted us and we bought an experimental batch of old floatation foam they where replacing. After a few projects we discovered it was very nice high density carving foam that holds great detail. Who would have guess there would be "old growth" foam. Now if Dave can just find that guys telephone number for the other eight trucks of foam he was offered.

We put the Southwest Phoenix in the hospital today and joined it's massive pieces. A few more tests and this baby goes to the beauty shop.

Parade meeting today with a real treat. Bev, one of the main behind the scenes bosses, cook up a batch of fresh noddles. Home cooked meal and working on the parade!

Dave's self portrait at 6am this morning before working on the Longevity gourd. This was before he figured out it was way too big!

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