Saturday, January 30, 2010

28 days

Believe it or not that is a couple grand in decorative papers that just came in! if we are real careful we will get two of the floats a step closer to the big show. The shop master sometimes muses that it might be cheaper to just staple dollar bills on the side of the float.

Dave the float master started a throne for the Money Lord. He has some crazy ideas for this. It will go to the Flower Festival first and then to the Southwest Airlines float.

Alli stepped in to continue dressing up the Lottery's "big boy"!

Rob looking mighty cute with his cherry blossoms for the Macy's float.

Southwest Airlines got their opened bundle of riches a bit closer today with the building of a big suitcase.

Yumi testing the fit on the new money chair.

Sadie and Stephanie starting with a template and foam to make a huge gourd for Bank of America's Long Life float.

Yumi squawking at the shop master for him breaking the hot wire two times in an hour. She has some voodoo magic way she installs a new wire so it drives her crazy when someone pops the wire.

Jamie getting high on talented glitter application. It is not easy glittering different colors next to each other. It take a lot of skill and patience to not contaminate the two glitters by over spilling the two lines.

After everyone left, Dave and Alli stayed to jump-start projects for the morning, Alli glittered and then helped Dave, who had got quite a bit of the longevity gourd finished. Here Alli is preparing to glue more foam blocks where a little more curvature is needed. This is about $900 dollars worth of foam.

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