Friday, January 22, 2010

34 days

Today Dave was in meetings with sponsors and parade staff, who will be reviewing pictures of many of the 25 floats he will be building in the next 34 days.

Dave needs a cool molding to run around the top of Bank of the West's money pot and will not wait two weeks for a local company to produce it. Here a crude screed has been cut out of plywood, and runners were built to allow strips of foam to be sanded down to the shape we want. Yes, it is a lot of "work" but we like to think it is a lot of art. A normal spectator may not know if we do not take these extra steps but the crew likes the challenge of mastering these unique problems.

Here is Alli who built this rig and now is screeding moldings into a nice custom shape. Only one more to do Alli!

The queens float went from two floats to one float and then got changed back to two!
Here we are blocking up the court float that the contestants ride on.

Macy's float got some big pieces today. An arch and bridge are now in place.

Yumi has been quietly carving the Phoenix's tail feathers. Even Dave was amazed at her artistic twisting of these twelve foot long feathers, carved out of a single block of foam!

A shot a few hours latter of these fantastic tail feathers.

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