Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An anecdote

Something you may have noticed in the pictures is even though the crew has been working days on the parade, we still wear the same clothing. That is actually a good sign, David the master builder says. A unique thing about very creative people is when they go into deep art mode there is no room for distractions (such as what to wear today). A master builder in the grove thinks of nothing but the project, and the simplicity of not making mundane decisions is a necessity.

(For the crew's various Mom's I can guarantee we do wash our work-wear at least once a week!)

We interrupt this blog's photostream to bring you a favorite float-builder story:

Dave went in to a fancy four star restaurant with white linens, shining silverware, gilded ceilings, historical landmark, etc. near the court house in San Jose. The bar was full of "suits." One suit glanced over at Dave's right-out-of-the-barn crumpled look and said, loud enough for all to hear, "This is a great place but they let guys dressed like that in here."

Dave confronted the well-dressed man and said he agreed it was a beautiful building, and if the gentleman would just give him a moment, he would leave.

Dave then turned around to the owner of the business and said: "Hey, can I get the rent? You're late this month."

The business owner paid the rent, and Dave left his own building.

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