Sunday, January 24, 2010

33 days

Alli brought back this common toy from her China visit. We decided to make two huge ones for McDonald's' float.

Remember our Money Lord for the Lottery float? Here he is after a final sanding and prep-coated for painting. Our prep coat may take a few days to dry before you can see this guy in new colors!

Watch out, there is a tiger loose in the shop! This plain plywood cut out will be painted and installed on the Chinese Chamber Fireworks finale float.

Here is a raw layout that will be cut out and carved to adorn the Lottery giant gold ingot. We do not have to do this, but since original imperial Chinese artists hated bare spaces, we decided to honor this. There are thick books of "diaper patterns" just to fill in the blank spots!

Bank of the West's money pot is still needing more art so we will be on that soon...

Our Southwest Airline bird has some exquisite tail feathers. Tomorrow we will join the two pieces for a test view. Dave has already said he thinks two more long feathers should be added. Dave gave Yumi kudos for her finding such interesting feathers in that block of foam. Yumi claims it was Dave's ghost sitting beside her saying "Lazy artist never finds great art." A little shop history is that Dave taught Yumi to carve. It was a wonder either of them survived!

Dave and Rob 's doodle to refine an idea for Visa's float.

Dave got a treat today. Jamie and Alli both asked if they could learn how to build walls. Nothing pleases Dave more then training the next generation. By the time we got done the two women where right on the money laying out their first pony wall in record time. Tomorrow this will be the base for the Wells Fargo stage coach. One day, Alli and Jamie are going to make someone a great husband!

Dave's napkin doodle from dinner showing a platform idea of longevity signs and five bat motif with the Lord of longevity standing this opulent stand. Better put the ad for help in the paper again as this is a few weeks of extra work to embellish the Bank of America float.

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