Sunday, January 17, 2010

40 days

It's hard to sleep well when the countdown is
running all the time. Sadie's been dreaming about
float deadlines all week!

Wow, tomorrow is in the 30's! I'd better write up
a bigger checklist! Twenty five floats due in 39
days. Time to zoom zoom zoom!

Our Queens float went from two floats to one this year. Today
we played with big building blocks to get "Da Look" for the
Queen and her court, which Dave is still not happy with. He's
talking about a new throne chair!

One of Dave's early projects the adorable "New Year Kids"
being placed on the Wu Yee float. Each statue has over 40
different colors. That's why a scraped artifact is a shop disaster.

One of our tricks is to paint the deck a bright color and then
varnish it. This ensures that it will wear well and stay good-as
-new after performers walk on the decks. I am pretty sure that
ninja is Elizabeth.

Right out of Dave's head: one of his famous doodles. Dave
does this kind of stuff all the time on napkins, paper bags,
scraps of wood (and sometimes even the occasional toilet
paper doodle). This is the start of a huge money pot for
Bank of the West.

Wells Fargo's cute little piggy bank is now 8 days old!
Tiger just got it's stripes today and is resting before
getting installed in a week or two on it's float. Good Job
Stephanie, what an animal painter you are!

I wish float building was all art, however we need
to have platforms! Here is Thunder Valley getting
new sides. Who would guess it would take five
hours per side to bolt hinges on. Maybe Monday we
will be able to start a float step on this deck.

Another day of carving and Yumi is guessing
that one of the blocks of Styrofoam is chemically
a bad batch. The individual beads are too big and
too loosely bonded to each other. That means it's
like carving dry sand. Detail on poor foam does not
hold up and can ruin a great statue. We are not sure
if we can get the detail we need, or if we will have
to remove the bad block. Too much love is going
into this unit to cut corners. (foam carving joke)

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