Sunday, February 21, 2010

how many days??

An ocean of blue mylar for Visa!

The coach is coming to town for the Wells Fargo float.

The Long Life pavilion is on the float and out of our way in the shop!

A crown welded and painted. What else can we do?

Hey lets run a hundred feet of pricey led lighting on the crown. Dude that's sooo cool.

A touch of blue.

A roof being built for the Visa float.

A wall of money being laid up for Visa.

A dragon waiting for a lofty perch.

A dragon fan waiting for mounting to it's float.

A few more corrections and we paint this baby.

Painting in great detail a Bank of the West logo.


  1. ParadeGuy,

    I have some photos of moving the half circle of doors to its platform if you are interested.

    Community Guy.

  2. Is there any 2011 updates here?