Sunday, February 7, 2010

20 days

McDonald's happy meal boxes are growing around every nook and corner of the shop.

Working on a base for the fan

The fan will start getting some skin today.

It was Dave's birthday today and the parade committee gave Dave a.....Cupcake! Thank you Bev who made those tasty treats!

Bev form the parade committee sent a well loved surprise to the crew. The one cupcake left over the shop rat found and even he was happy!

Alli made Dave a creative birthday card with all the usual suspects who claim they are float builders. She even threw a surprise party and Dave love the recycled Johnny Rocket balloons that Alli then took to another event. That Alli is a born recycler.

Alli chortling over new breakable mirrors!

Rob painting Long Life symbols

Thar be gold in them thar decks! Sadie saving the leavings from a glitter project. That is about $50 dollars worth at the local craft store.

Yumi on to another side project for a local movie night.

What a mug, Dave doing the work of two while he solves the fan lay out issues. Any body for engineering as you go?

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