Friday, February 5, 2010

21 days

Hurrah!Qqueens float looks more regal today, but not ready for Miss Chinatown yet.

Will we ever finish this deck ? I think we did today as it is now glistening under a beautiful varnish.

You got to love parade people. We lost all power during a major storm and not one peep from the crew. Float builders are like poker players: they just need to know the hand dealt to them and if it is Jokers or Aces they keep moving forward. Unfortunately when the lights came back on about a third of our sodium lights blew out, so it is pretty dark in the most critical work areas.

Here Drake is not letting the Forces of Darkness ruin her project.

Bank of the West's money pot is finally glittered and that means we can move forward to building the float.

Remember the decorative plywood that was jigsawed yesterday ? Today they got a good glittering and feel extra pretty now.

Julio and Dave built the first Happy Meal Box today.

Float master Dave walking to lunch with his son who just brought in our secound load of wood for the day.

Float master's son smiling because he can go home in a few minutes-- "uh... Dad do you have a few 20's?"

If you go back a few days you will find these were hunks of foam. Now two folk tigers are born for the parade.

Rob's project at 10 am.

Rob's project eight hours latter. Great job Rob, you should have this done tomorrow!

The end of the day:

Drake priming a new magic fan unit with a special paint that doesn't come off your skin for a week. Of course, poor Sadie later brushed her cheek against it. How she explained that to her date I will never know.

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