Tuesday, February 2, 2010

23 days

Most of the gang getting together to lift a heavy turntable onto another float. I guess we are a sad looking bunch but there are a lot of beautiful thoughts flowing in those heads.

You may think we are clean freaks but truth is we all wash our hands before moving a finished artifact. Nothing is more frustrating then to spend days painting brilliant colors on a Chinese robe only to see a finish of dirty hand prints accumulated in moving the artifact to a float.

Rob laying out a pattern on the firecracker boat. We draw on clear plastic and then reach under to transfer with a pen.

This jungle of stuff will be soon sorted and bolted to the decks to form the building blocks for the Macy's float.

Rob has started the design for the Chinese Chamber of Commerce's firecracker boat.

Alli and helper mount golden Phoenixes up on the queens float.

The Lord of Long Life gets his seat upon Bank of America's Longevity float.

Someone has the Midas touch! Our ingot is now gold.

Sadie glittering golden handles for the money pot. Go easy with that glitter, we are waiting for another 100 pounds to be shipped to the shop! Will we run out?
Yep, and Dave won't let us use a "slightly" different color.

A day of cutting yielded the raw blanks for our long life pagoda's supports.

Yumi setting up another toy tiger for the McDonalds float.

A deck getting primed and ready for new artwork. Some of our decks have over 300 layers of paint from past parades.

Amala starts a tiger for the Comcast show float.

Some more detail touches by Sadie.

Drake is putting a great oil base finish on the court float.

Noise in the Shop! Cutting pillar blanks.

Jamie working on the money pot, shame we ran out of glitter!

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