Wednesday, February 3, 2010

22 days

Just a few floats we need to do.

New face Jams skateboarded by and wanted to join us so we gave him a project that he loves.

Five hundred dollars of liquid silver Mylar being laid on a deck. Anybody see my sunglasses?

Miguel hustling on a float to get it ready for a fan dance.

Rob is right on painting the firecracker float.

Sing Tao rep showed up today with cookies! that may look like a piece sign but I think she was saying she wanted two floats!

Guess what this is ? Did you guess glitter? You're right if you said that is a thousand dollars worth of glitter just in today!

The great view of San Fransisco walking out of the float barn at 6 this morning.

One of David 's daughter dutifully brought the glitter he needed this morning. You can tell she does not work in such a "yucky" place.

a happy meal box...sort of.

Dave' daughter and her no good hoodlin boyfriend hugging her like..... waaaay too much.

cutting art for the Comcast float.

Jamie working hard painting a doctor's office floor.

This simple design ate up three days of our time,urrrrh

No screwing around by our community group who were all at work today.

Rob showing off his work.

Dave at 6am smiling before starting a Happy Meal box.

Stephine laying out out a logo by hand

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