Monday, February 1, 2010

24 days

This fella, thanks to Sadie, is rearing to get to his float. We will build the decks tomorrow.

A little detail on the Lottery money lord:

Dave is doodling again! This tine it is for pagoda pillars for Bank of America's longevity float. Did you know Bank of America is the longest sponsor of the parade?!

Dave's doodle is now a test pattern for an interesting Pagoda pillar. Just need ten of them now!

Robert working on the Wells Fargo magic surprise...

...which we had given up on until we found we could fit a kid in the box after all!

Bank of the west urn handles carved and final coated.

The pattern Alli laid out the other day is now painted and needs just a top coat.

This will be the finale firecracker boat float. Wait till you see the design we dreamed up for this little ship!

Bank of the West's money urn has just about graduated from the creation shop and will soon be glittered.

Remember the toy tigers for McDonald's float ? Here is one of them beginning to take shape. What name would you suggest for it?

Remember that gourd that was too big? Here it is almost ready for a final sanding.

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