Tuesday, February 16, 2010

12 days

Well it is now Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year. There will be no break for the crew as that darn clock does not stop for a romantic dinner or a New Years party. Alli fed everyone heart chocolate so it seemed festive.

Mystery grafics just came in . Do any of our venders have something that cost less then a thousand?

tigers for McDonalds please. these cute toys are rearing to go.

Ramps for Southwest Airlines' Money Lord being boxed up today.

roof rafters for Bank of America's pavilion. We put it together and then took it apart to paint.

Oh boy,sometimes Dave should just hit himself in the head with a hammer! He claims this simple design is needed for the Southwest Airlines float. There be a lot of cutting over the next few days.

That simple patern for Southwest Airlines is now being jigsawed out.

Other patterns for the long life pavilion.

Our pavilion is getting primed for a showcoat.

The pavilion roof has a roof !

A little waste left over from cutting coin blanks. How did we get them so perfect ?

Stephanie using a template to carve the coin designs.

A nice traditional Chinese coin layout.

Coins galore. We only need a few hundred.

A crane is waiting to be finished.

Rox ,a new shop person, said she be glad to make a couple of planes and whipped up two beauties. She cut the side off to allow some one to wiggle inside by hollowing the waste out.

Almost ready for flight. Getting prep for a nice tough finish.

A shot across the line reveals the decks are growing and filling out.

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