Wednesday, February 10, 2010

19 days

A beautiful long life deck for Bank of America

The Money pot gets a lofty home

Dave decided the finish was not holding to our little girl on the phoenix (remember the bad foam block way back when?) so he cut her off to ease an epoxy finish on her .

You will see a lot of effort on this baby today. The whole shop will be pulling time on her.

Who Dat?
That is Bank of the West's king tiger mounted to it's awesome (and somewhat overpowering) float. Alli is dwarfted by this beast.

Ai Yi! Our bird needs to stop looking like stryofoam, so it's body filler and muscle power. Four people jump on our beauty with the bird because we want certain areas to be uniquely painted. Those dark areas under the beak will tire out a few biceps today.

Our little time vulture demanding more cosmetic work.

Our happy little Phoenix rider is receiving massive amounts of plastic surgery to prepare her for a glorious paint job. No more nooks, crannies and ripples: things like that got to go with good old fashion hand sanding.

Three hours later, our little baby gets a prime coat and it will still need a morning's worth of detail.

Tiger cut outs for a deck.

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